The Art of the Journey

18/07/2019 15:40

Outstanding works of modern Vietnamese art were on display in Hanoi.

Vietnamese fine art in the decades following doi moi, the series of economic reforms starting in 1986, has gone through a period of rapid and dynamic transformation. From explorations of a wide range of styles to a deeper integration with the international art world, a generation of Vietnamese artists has emerged to global acclaim.

In April 2019, 37 works from this golden era drawn from a private collection were put on display at the Pan Pacific Hanoi, in an exhibition called “The Art of the Journey.”

The highlights of the exhibition included works by the late artist Nguyen Tu Nghiem, considered one of the four greats of Vietnamese art; Dang Xuan Hoa, leader of the infamous “Gang of Five” in the 1990s; and Nguyen Trung, considered the “father of Vietnamese abstract art.” Also on display are pieces by veteran artist Le Tri Dung, famed for his paintings of horses, modern works from Dinh Quan and Quach Dong Phuong, who have shown widely around the world.

Notable pieces on display at “The Art of the Journey” included the “Tale of Kieu” illustration from the legendary work of Vietnamese literature on do paper by Le Tri Dung and “Dancers” by the late Nguyen Tu Nghiem, which was made 35 years ago. A renowned master artist with a series of creative works imbued with the spirit of traditional dance, Nguyen Tu Nghiem was deeply influenced by Vietnamese folk art, blending a Post-Impressionism style with local subjects. The artist, who passed away in 2016 at the age of 93, exerted a strong influence on later generations of artists like painter Dang Xuan Hoa.

According to the representative of Pan Pacific Group, the exhibition was “a valuable chance for us to share the most interesting and outstanding works that we have collected throughout all these years in Vietnam. Not only to introduce these classic artworks to art enthusiasts or visitors with a particular interest in culture, this collection will continue to be developed in accordance with its original mission of seeking and committing to contribute to the development of local art and nurturing artistic talent in the countries that we invest in.”

Tina Do

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