Blast from the past

19/07/2019 09:07

Fashion always looks forward, but draws on inspirations from the past. This season, major brands such as Kenzo, Yves Saint Laurent and Bally have introduced Spring-Summer collections with retro appeal.

Yves Saint Laurent’s seductive look

This seasonYves Saint Laurent introduced a fashion fest of mysterious glamor with black as the collection’s main color. Drawing inspiration from the 90s, the fashion house has masterfully created a strong and proud look for women ranging from elegant high-waist corset pants to short skirts with leather jackets to creative shorts with shoulder-padded tops. Meanwhile, its men’s collection has retained the unisex look with eye-catching animal-print patterns and stripes which can be easily mixed and matched for a gender-neutral look and cropped jackets to be worn with sneakers for an active style.

Designs feature an enigmatic and appealing look with applications of mesh lace or high cuts on black leather shorts. Accessories from Yves Saint Laurent successfully pay homage to bold and alluring French fashion from the 70s to 90s with a rebellious undertone in items such as bold snakeskin boots and wide-brimmed hats.

Colorful summer with Kenzo

Also inspired by past decades, Kenzo has chosen to make its fashion statement with diverse colors and fun, unique and unconventional patterns. Parting from the tiger motif which has traditionally been associated with the brand, the fashion house has introduced the image of an elegant phoenix on t-shirts and overcoats. Tropical rainforest patterns have also disappeared in this collection, giving way to sophisticated color blocks, stripes and flower prints.

Kenzo’s ready-to-wear collection for women this season is also filled with excitement, featuring lovely tropical flower patterns on brightly-colored maxi dresses, stylized sandals with street-style influences, wide-leg trousers and stylish sunglasses. With sophisticated and beautiful designs characterized by a strong sense of nostalgia, Kenzo has created a fashion craze, bringing a colorful palette to an exciting and inspiring summer.

A bold touch of the classic with Bally

Bally’s latest designs for Spring/Summer 2019 have succeeded in creating a youthful, contemporary image while retaining a classic style, offering up diverse sportswear and accessories in retro shades of red, brown, and green. Bold, vintage designs exude a nostalgic feel with shiny leather jackets, multilayer cotton shorts and feminine maxi dresses.

Bally introduced its latest collection in a showroom reminiscent of a classic flea market, filled with vintage items. Accessories matched the throwback setting, ranging from colorful fur backpacks to trendy large brown briefcases to leather handbags with fancy stripes. All of these accessories can be mixed with outfits to create a colorful and attractive visual fest of the 80s.  

Fashion is an unpredictable adventure. But even as fresh and surprising trends appear each season, nostalgic inspirations can be found, connecting fashion to its past while simultaneously charting bold new directions for the future.

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