19/11/2019 10:59

As winter approaches, Haute Couture collections by top designers bring class and splendor to catwalks and elegant holiday banquets

Alluring black in Dior’s 2019 haute couture designs
In the current fashion market, with fast-fashion trends and rigorous cost-cutting among producers, there have been doubts about the future of haute couture. Nevertheless, haute couture designs are still very much alive, acting like a muse of luxury fueling the artistic spirit of the leading names in fashion. Every stage in haute couture (the French phrase for "high fashion") carries the creativity of the most talented fashion designers and is produced by hand by a team of artisans with superior craftsmanship.

Moving away from being extravagant and lavish, this year’s haute couture catwalks were a manifesto of perfect tailoring. The highlights of collections were not ruffles or flares, bold colors or glittering details. The spotlight was in fact on exquisite black.

Christian Dior made the mysterious color the focus of their 2019 haute couture collection. Improvisations on the felt fabric in Dior’s overcoat designs bear traces of the classic 1970s; even in the seemingly conservative overcoat, every cut was tailored to hug curves. Dior’s use of feminine chiffon was delicately balanced by the strong shade of black, demonstrating that the color is far from rigid or boring.

The spotlight of many fashion houses was on jacket designs that were elevated to find a place in more formal settings. Houses such as Chanel, Armani and Fendi all demonstrated their own takes on such improvisations. Chanel drew inspiration from jacket designs with two columns of buttons, wide collars and classic square shoulders and skillfully incorporated these features with a tight waist line or loose pants and long dresses, all of which are clever ways to celebrate feminine power. Armani seemed to take an even more feminine approach by matching their jackets with silk pastel dresses. Armani’s jacket designs worked well with this combination, and a single row of buttons, puffy shoulders and light colors brought wider choices in style.

Fendi, meanwhile, looked to express more personality with designs bearing bohemian influences. The designer’s long fur coats and wide-legged suede pants will surely turn heads at any dinner party. The increasingly diverse styles seen in haute couture collections prove their enduring influence in fashion and adaptability for more practical designs. The creativity and effort put into the production of these designs continue to secure their place in fashion, whether on the catwalk or in the most elegant holiday parties of the year.

Minh Chau

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