Holiday haute couture

04/01/2018 11:38

As the holiday season draws near, fashionistas are looking to a surprisingly unconventional haute couture season for party inspirations.

Haute couture collections undoubtedly set the trends for party fashion and luxury wear, and the gap between these ultra-exclusive designs and more accessible ready-to-wear outfits continues to be shortened. Fashion lovers can look to haute couture catwalks for inspirations for their own holiday fashion statements.
This season, designers are moving away from the classic ball gown standards of sequins, beads and shimmering chiffon to materials more commonly found on menswear collections, such as felt, flannel and khaki. Dior is at the forefront of this trend by making strong use of unusual materials including velvet, wool and tweed, in its Fall Haute Couture 2017 collection.

The Fall Haute Couture 2017 collection by Dior brings flannel to ball fashion

The legendary fashion house takes advantage of the tougher property of materials like flannel for a firm silhouette which enables gown designs to share an undeniably elegant and refined quality. Dior’s smart handling of bust cuts and ruffles along the upper part of gowns are a surprise as flannel proves feminine and tender in this form. Throughout this collection by Dior, the elegance of European ladies of the 40s and 50s seems to be the greatest inspiration, which wins our hearts at first glance.

Elie Saab breaks the rules with a minimalist black approach

Other revered titans of Haute Couture kingdom such as Elie Saab, Zuhair Murad and even Valentino are also turning their backs on sweet “princess-y” dresses. Instead of classic like wine red and emerald green, monochromatic white, black and grey ensembles take center stage. Elie Saab drapes its collection in varying shades of black, while its cuts are also bolder and stronger than is usually expected for this brand. However, the irresistible feminine qualities of Elie Saab still shine through.
Zuhair Murad shies away from long chiffon gowns and instead shifts to suits fit for a party. This option proves to be a lethal femme fatale element. Murad combines a blazer with loose long pants on soft flannel, with a strong focus on see-through mesh overcoats. Charm and grace are obvious at the very first glance.

Splendid and bold go hand in hand in this Zuhair Murad 2017 collection

It is quite rare for Valentino to go for such a break in tradition in its Haute Couture collection. Novelty goes beyond materials that diverge from conventional brocade, silk and chiffon, but is also demonstrated through designs themselves. Valentino also favors loose long pants, but mixed with stylized blouses of diverse colors, which add undeniable youthfulness and freshness to the universal perception of classical Valentino designs.

Valentino at its freshest and finest is a perfect choice for gala events

The trend toward minimalist apparel has been around for years, and as it steps into the world of Haute Couture collections, it makes a perfect companion. So this season, take your cue from the fresh breeze blowing through the world of haute couture for your own holiday parties.

Minh Chau

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