The rise of pastels

06/08/2019 10:47

Soft and sweet pastel colors continue to be trendy choices for designers.

In 2016, Pantone Color Institute chose two pastels, Rose Quartz and Serenity, as its colors of the year. Pastel colors have continued to win the hearts of fashion lovers, with soft and sweet tones especially suited for summer collections.

Pastel colors are gentle on the eyes, with a dreamy quality in shades such as rose quartz, light rose, mint, serenity, sky blue, avocado green, lavender and coffee brown. Darker colors often create strong visual effects and have been favored by the fashion industry for a long time, but pastels have made designers and fashion lovers reevaluate those familiar choices to look for new trends.

Numerous fashion brands have released pastel-centric collections in recent years, in both Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer seasons. Dior, Chanel and Elie Saab all have gentle pastel designs inspired by the colors of cherry blossoms in Japan or a romantic spring garden. Even men’s suits that are primarily found in dark tones have found new expressions in pastels.

Pastel colors are also conquering the sportswear industry as famous brands like Adidas or Nike have all released clothes and footwear collections which are young and dynamic yet feminine. Accessories are also not immune to the trend, from dreamy light-colored stone earrings to pastel sunglasses and handbags.
From the catwalk to daily life, outfits in pastel colors can be worn by people of all ages as the colors offer an ease in mixing and matching and are suitable for various settings from city streets to formal events. A pastel dress can be easily mixed with accessories from shoes, sunglasses and clutches to earrings, watches and necklaces.

Pastel is also a color for all skin tones and can accentuate a gentle, feminine look. To perfect a pastel outfit, light makeup goes well with the delicate, lighthearted spirit of the colors.
Lam Duong

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