Floating through a dream

12/08/2019 15:18

Mother Nature generously endowed this S-shaped land with a sea dotted with thousands of islands. In Ha Long Bay, each area leaves you with a different impression.

Visitors to Ha Long often follow fixed routes. Only a handful of tour operators choose less-traveled routes to give tourists a sense of peace. But whether your destination is Ha Long, Bai Tu Long, or Lan Ha Bay - the body of water next to Cat Ba Island, the blue sky and sea are similar and always leave strong impressions of the wonderful islands created by Nature.

There are islands in strange shapes, and caves with stalactites that tell stories of a wonderland when illuminated. Travelers may occasionally catch sight of sandy beaches on islands so pristine they may think humans have never set foot upon them.

Exploring Ha Long Bay and the neighboring Bai Tu Long Bay brings fresh experiences every time. Whether this is your first visit or not, this place creates feelings of wonder, especially if you get to sit on the deck of a luxurious cruise boat like those in the Paradise fleet and witness the sea and sky change color every hour. For the past 10 years, the Paradise line has grown into a fleet of nearly 10 boats, including the Paradise Luxury, a wooden junk with a traditional touch, and the steel-hulled Paradise Elegance, which has modern and neoclassical influences and offers fine lodging, cooking classes, a  spa, and a 5-star restaurant on board.

It is interesting to leave the boat and explore white sandy beaches, collect seashells, or simply take a dip in the clear blue water. After exploring the landscape, complete your journey with an on-board dining experience. With a menu created under the guidance of Michelin-starred chef John Burton-Race, passengers have the chance to enjoy fine cuisine right on board. The restaurant boasts an Asian-Western fusion menu, with handmade squid patties, a local delicacy, enjoyed with premium fillet mignon and caviar. Each passing moment on the cruise allows your soul to get lost in unforgettable emotions.

Dawn is the perfect time to go to the top deck, admire the golden rays of light shining on the surrounding mountain tops, and practice tai-chi with a trainer. The romantic dusk will soften your excitement as golden hues gradually change to lilac. At this time, passengers continue sightseeing and visit fishing villages to get a taste of life on the high seas. In the past, Vung Vieng fishing village was home to many families, most of whom have moved onshore so the village could be turned into a popular tourist destination. As visitors tour the village on small boats, they will be introduced to the fishermen's former way of life, back when much of their time was spent on boats and even anniversaries and weddings were held on the water. While the fishing village is certainly less populous now, the arched gate that forms the entrance to Luon Cave remains the same. This image reminds people of a typical village gate in Vietnam's northern region, a witness to many people’s wandering lives.

Floating on the blue sea, visiting Sung Sot Cave, kayaking through the Tung Sau Pearl Farm, or conquering Soi Sim Peak to enjoy panoramic views of the bay are experiences that bring different emotions found nowhere else.

Truc Lam

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