Peaceful Nostalgia

12/09/2017 14:55

Enjoy the beauty of Hoi An's charming Old Town

This old town is synonymous with historic houses sheltered within yellow walls and brown roofs lying side by side near the tranquil Hoai River. This town is none other than Hoi An's Old Town.

Hoi An remains as peaceful and idyllic as it has been for centuries, with narrow streets lit by golden sunshine. The tiled roofs are draped in layers of green moss that thicken with each rainy season.

At dawn, there's nothing better than to board a small boat and watch the sun rise as gentle breezes stir up shining ripples. In the distance nets glint in the morning sun, hanging ready for the day's catches.

Seen from up high or viewed from its core, the Old Town evokes romance and contemplation. This is a place where the people and the river mingle to form dreamy scenes of life.

Photos: Vo Rin, Le Viet Khanh

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