Art in the Forest

21/11/2017 14:32

The third season of art week “Art in the Forest” treated viewers to fine arts in a magical natural setting.

The art exhibition at Flamingo Dailai, “Art in the Forest” (AIF), was held for the first time in 2015 and promptly emerged as a hotspot for audiences and contemporary artists. The exhibit places paintings and sculptures in an outdoor setting, inviting viewers to discover works of art while taking a stroll in nature.

Now in its third season (October 28 to November 5, 2017), AIF continues to expand its appeal.  Alongside 25 collections of sculptures by domestic artists from the two previous seasons, this year the AIF also welcomed works by international artists from Korea, Spain, Singapore and Japan, who utilized materials from stainless steel to welded iron to wood.

Gently treading carpets of dried autumn leaves in the fluttering pine forest and admiring beautifully installed paintings in the studio complex of Flamingo Art in the Forest is another new experience for visitors this season.
For the first time, 10 gifted Vietnamese painters have joined together to share their works in studios made of rough and unassuming containers combined with wood and glass. Draped in the soothing setting of the forest, the sounds of nature add to the appreciation of the beauty of paintings by top artists of Vietnam.

Artists who participated in the project include established figures such as Nguyen Quan and Nguyen Xuan Tiep as well as younger colleagues such Trinh Minh Tien, Ha Manh Thang, Tuan Mami, Nguyen Son, Nguyen Xuan Long, Hoang Duong Cam, Mac Hoang Thuong and Pham Tuan Tu.
The themes explored by these artists were extremely diverse, from the meaning of time and rhythm of life in the “Circle of Time” (Ha Manh Thang), “Close-ups” (Mac Hoang Thuong) and “Time” (Nguyen Son) or memories such as “Reenactment” (Tuan Mami). Materials deployed also varied from oil, acrylic and epoxy on canvas to paint on containers. Two works completed with paint on containers were inspired by the space of the pine forest: “The Pine Forest” of 2.95m by 12m (artist Trinh Minh Tien) and “Here” that spreads 40sqm (Pham Tuan Tu).

These works portray a pine forest of mystical flowers mingled with the reality of nature, which capture both the attention and admiration of the audience. More than just a visual feast, AIF in its third season leads its viewers on a forest journey of explorations of life and art.

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