19/11/2019 09:47

October brought Vietnamese fashion lovers exquisite shows by designers Le Thanh Hoa and Hoang Hai.


Every journey needs a means of transportation, and for his latest fashion excursion, designer Le Thanh Hoa decided to set his “Another Day” show in a unique location - the Muong Hoa cable car station atop a foggy mountain in Sa Pa. Located in Sun World Fansipan Legend, the station was a one-of-a-kind catwalk with its old yet luxurious architecture, poetic natural surroundings and impressive European-style train placed in the middle of the stage. 

The setting helped lead the audience on a journey that bore the trademarks of Vietnam’s Northwest with a taste of the Western world.

The hour-long show contained three acts. The first part saw modern-day, strong and independent women dominating the catwalk in diverse outfits such as suits, flare-shaped dresses and slit dresses in bold colors such as lemon, burgundy and pink. In the next part, Thanh Hoa’s designs incorporated signature motifs of local ethnic minorities including rice terraces and Ban flowers. Designs were more expressive and rebellious while still retaining class and elegance. Brocade dresses were perfectly mixed with modern accessories such as high boots, wide belts and leather trench coats for a flawless representation of feminine strength in which women are free to express their personal styles. The final part of the show displayed haute couture designs which were meticulously crafted with sophisticated and beautiful brocade patterns, tassels, feathers and lace.

Fabrics and materials stood out throughout the show, as did techniques such as tie-dyeing, oil painting on fabric, laser printing and cutting.

The collection’s colors ranged from neutral to vibrant but found a sophisticated harmony.Different shades of lemon, lilac, burgundy, lime and burnt orange complemented one another, exploring hidden beauty enriched with emotions.

After “Another Day” in charming Sa Pa came to an end, another fashion journey was initiated by designer Hoang Hai on the first night of the Aquafina Vietnam International Fashion Week Fall Winter 2019 in Hanoi. As one of the leading names among Vietnamese designers, Hoang Hai was selected by the organizers to hold the opening show of this year’s special fashion week series. Under the theme of “A Fashion Journey,” the designer and his collection “Come Home” brought the audience on a dazzling voyage.

Hoang Hai held onto his status as the king of evening gowns by introducing more than 20 graceful and dreamy designs in the “Come Home” collection. The evening gowns shone brightly thanks to hundreds of meticulously attached gems, while refined lace and chiffon and painstakingly sewn floral details demonstrated immense craftsmanship and luxury. The diversity of forms, from fairy-tale style flare dresses to fishtail dresses to see-through and sharp cut sundresses decorated with tassels, was a remarkable highlight of the show.

“Another Day” and “Come Home” took different paths but they both led audiences on journeys through the lands of ecstatic beauty and left them with unforgettable impressions. With the combination of great creativity and grand catwalks, the two shows highlighted a memorable fashion season.

 Chau Giang

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