L’Avventura 2019

13/08/2019 15:04

The new collection and fashion show by design duo VUNGOC&SON used the Saigon River as a romantic backdrop.

A colorful fashion journey by designers VUNGOC & SON set sail on June 30 at Bach Dang Wharf, Ho Chi Minh City.

Inspired by the classic Michelangelo Antonioni film L’Avventura, the show engaged the audience in a romantic atmosphere as if they were waiting for their own ship filled with love and adventure to arrive. 

As a horn sounded on the Saigon River, a cruise ship carrying more than 40 models, including supermodel Vo Hoang Yen, arrived at the wharf to the musical accompaniment of 50 musicians.

Designs made of extremely soft and lightweight silk organza, with cheerful colors of red, white, blue and yellow were enhanced by the charming riverfront setting.

The show was an entertaining festival of colors and patterns. Magnolia flowers left an imprint with visually impressive bright colors and large floral patterns, while oceanic motifs with beautiful dancing fish were also introduced. Colorful tunic maxis and full-length dresses made an overwhelming impression in the sunset by the river.

The L’Avventura show also starred supermodel and actress Thanh Hang as she travelled on the Saigon River and landed at the show in a stunning dress seeming if it was designed for the Queen of the Ocean.

The ingenuity of the designer duo was shown in their masterful use of bright, warm colors which created an eye-catching and lively but luxurious image. The two designers sent a message that they want every wearer to feel beautiful and full of joy when starting a new day in a vibrant outfit.

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