Voyage into Wonder

18/07/2019 16:22

A fashion show by director Long Kan and five designers turned the majestic landscapes of Ha Long Bay into a spectacular setting for a Fashion Voyage.

Fashion Voyage # 2 “Lost in Wonder, held on May 18, 2019, followed in the footsteps of “A Walk to the Sky,” which was set on the Golden Bridge of Ba Na Hills. For this show, director Long Kan and five fashion designers put together a dream voyage by turning Ban Chan (Foot) beach, at the heart of Ha Long Bay, into raw material  for their creative visions. The effort stamped a uniquely Vietnamese mark on the season of cruise/resort fashion releases.

Fashion Voyage #2 told the story of a summer voyage and the tropical vibe was reflected in every design of Lam Gia Khang. His adventurous designs were intended for confident and proud women unafraid to show their beauty.

Nguyen Tien Truyen also wowed the audience with his designs inspired by the classic “Titanic.” Against the poetic setting of Ha Long Bay, famed singer Dam Vinh Hung conveyed the fashion spirit before the boundless sea.

When the sun started going down, the “Before Sunset” collection by Designer Ha Nhat Tien won the audience with eye-catching designs featuring  sophisticated pleats and three-dimensional effects evoking the surface of water

In the “Lost in Wonder” voyage, Younhee Park, a talented Korean designer, was also inspired by the majestic beauty of the bay. She treated the audience to a fashion feast with motifs of colorful flowers blooming on a land of wonder.

Finally, risk-taker and adventurer Hoang Minh Ha breathed life into each design by incorporating a moss-green color, the gentleness and intensity of ocean waves and a breath of wind. All served to underscore a mission statement that reads, “Fashion is you, you are fashion.”

What’s next?

Hundreds of unique designs from five designers were showcased against the artistic landscape of nature. Now that the second voyage has ended, fans are wondering what is left for Fashion Voyage to explore. After shows on the Golden Bridge of Ba Na Hills and Ban Chan Beach, what will be the next destination on this voyage of dreamers?

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