Colors of Melbourne

29/07/2019 14:58

Queen Victoria Market, or “Queen Market,” is a vivid highlight of any trip to Melbourne.

The soul of Melbourne

Melbourne is known as a culinary paradise with fresh seafood, Australian beef and an abundance of fresh fruits. Besides big supermarkets, many locals still like going to traditional farmers’ markets where they can buy fresh home-made products. While prices may be higher, the experience is more social and engaging as you can chat with shop owners.

Opened in 1878, Queen Victoria Market has witnessed the development of Melbourne. Originally a wholesale market for fresh produce, it gradually changed its functions as the city developed. Today, Queen Market welcomes 10 million visitors every year. Residents come here to buy food for home, while visitors buy souvenirs or enjoy freshly baked donuts or sausage sandwiches while browsing the fruits, vegetables, seafood, handicrafts and clothes on sale. On the outskirts of the massive market, street artists perform on the square, office workers in smart attire have lunch on the sidewalk and merchants call out their offers.

A diversity of products

According to its official website, Queen Market is divided into several zones. However, it can be easily divided into two main sections: the food section selling fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, meat, and cheese, and the section selling clothes, toys, and souvenirs.

Fresh products including beef, poultry, mutton and seafood like fish, prawn, crab and octopus, transported directly from the sea fill display cases. All kinds of fresh fruits, from cherries and peaches to strawberries harvested from farms near Melbourne are presented in colorful arrays. I bought some cherries, as this fruit is not commonly found in Vietnam, and enjoyed the sweet and slightly sour taste.

Also on offer are coffee, bread, pastries, and cheese in the food hall while several stalls offer food for lunch at affordable prices. If you plan to have lunch here, you have to quickly find a seat as there are more customers than the tables can accommodate, causing many customers to eat their lunch standing. At two or three in the afternoon, when the market is about to close, the meat, fish, and fruits and vegetables stalls may offer discounts of up to 50%. This is when Queen Market comes alive with the loud and resounding calls of traders with produce and food in hand.

Where traditions are preserved

Even as time passes, Queen Market still retains its bustling atmosphere and a style of conducting business similar to that of a traditional market. More than just an architectural site, Queen Market reflects the societal and cultural mix of Melbourne. The market is not merely an important place of trade and exchange of the local people and tourists, but it is also a symbol for generations of Melbournians. Some shop owners are the second- or third-generation traders who inherited the business from their fathers and grandfathers or they may be have created a family-owned business of their own.

Queen Queen toria Market is the most-visited attraction in the state of Queen toria, and it’s easy to understand why. The lively atmosphere of the market, along with with abundant fresh products and the diversity in the cuisine will make you want to return again and again.

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