Into the highlands

22/07/2019 16:03

The Scottish Highlands offer the unspoiled charm of nature, traditional culture and legendary golf courses.

Taking some time to slow down and step back from hectic daily life is a necessity in modern times. A trip to the Scottish Highlands is a perfect way to do so, no matter what time of year you travel. However, the true magic of nature comes in the springtime on the Highlands, as the winter thaw takes place and gives rise to a colorful landscape over the horizon.

 The Highlands are located in the northwest of Scotland, and there remain cultural and linguistic difference with the Scottish plains. Despite being a vast region, the Highlands and northern islands of Scotland are sparsely populated and mainly rural and mountainous, perfect for those who are seeking the pristine and unspoiled charm of nature or an escape from urban life.

You can start your journey from Inverness, one of the oldest residential areas of Scotland. After a stroll around the city, your next destination should be Urquahart Castle by Loch Ness, where most toruists arrive with a hope of meeting one of the most mysterious monsters in human history. This largest castle of Scotland also boasts a huge treasure trove of medieval artifacts to discover.

The Highlands are also damous for one of the most breathtaking islands of the world – the Isle of Skye. Owing to an uncanny fog hanging over the island all year rounf, Skye is frequently known as “Misty Isle.” Noteworthy sites here are  Quiraing Mountain and fascinating rocky mountain The ld Man of Storr.

One of the most spectacular sights on the Isle of Skye is the vista of vertical cliffs racing out into the sea, known as Neist Point, in a scene that looks like something out of a fairy tale. Finally, you can’t miss the Fairy Pool, a cluster of sapphire lakes formed by magical and veil-thin waterfalls cascading from the heavens.

The next stop on your brief journey is the town Fort William, where you can rest up and  prepare to explore the highest mountain in Scotland, Ben Nevis. You may want to travel by the famous Jacobite steam train, made famous in in the Harry Potter films, which crosses Mallaig and Fort William. The train crosses Glenfinnan Viaduct, seen in Harry Potter, as well as the white sandy beach Morar, also featured in movies Highlander and Local Hero.

Spring is also a prime time for festivals in Scotland. The “Highland Games” season starts in May, with various traditional games are held in Scottish highland towns until September. The cultural and arts festival Traditions of Scotland – TradFest – also begins in May in coincidence with World Whiskey Day, May 19.

And Scotland is of course the birthplace and home of golf, and spring further adorns the lush green complexion of Scottish golf courses. Most golf courses in the Highlands are sandwiched between vast recesses that overlook the blue sea; two of the most notable destinations are Royal Dornoch and Castle Stuart.

Spring in the Scottish Highlands is a perfect time to say goodbye to winter’s chill appreciate the kaleidoscopic majesty of nature and traditional culture alike. You’ll sure to enjoy the magical wonders and slow pace of the Highlands.

Le Huy

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