A sweetly nostalgic New Year

06/01/2020 14:45

Nowadays during Tet, some families no longer serve traditional foods. Yet traditional dishes always feature in stories about Tets of old. Enjoying "bird's egg candies", sesame rings, or candied squash takes us back in time...

Bird's egg candies

The main ingredient is unblanched peanuts that are evenly roasted. The nuts are covered in a layer of glutinous rice flour and sugar, forming small round white candies. Their appearance explains the name keo trung chim, which means "bird's egg candies". The candy are nice and crunchy. During Tet, they are served with lotus tea as people sit around and tell stories.

Candied squash

In years gone by, people served candied squash to guests or presented it as a gift when visiting relatives. It is typically served with tea while families sit around chatting. 

Candied squash is pure white. It can be sliced into finger-shaped pieces or diced. After being dipped in sugar, the squash is fried over low heat and turned often. It is fried until free of moisture, evenly coated in sugar, left in the pan with the heat off, and flipped one final time. When cool, the candied squash is stored in an airtight jar. Take a bite and you'll discover a crunchy, delicious and fragrant treat. Squash is also healthy, said to refresh, detox, and cool down the body.

Sesame rings

Many people wish Tet would come faster so that they can eat as many sesame cookies as they like. Despite their simple ingredients, these cookies are attractive. Made with chicken eggs, sugar, sesame seeds, and butter, they are fragrant and soft, yet crispy. Their delicate sweetness and fragrance are ideal when enjoying New Year conversations. People recall stories of the past year and wish each other a New Year full of happiness while savoring sesame rings and steaming cups of tea.

Story: Tu Anh

                                                                                                            Photo: Vu Minh Quan

Food Stylist: Canh Cam

Studio: Ngon Food studio

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