Winter delights

03/01/2018 18:09

Bà cốt compote

  This warming sweet treat features fresh ginger mixed with glutinous rice - perfect for keeping the cold at bay. After boiling water the cook adds brown sugar, coloring extract and soaked glutinous rice, all of which are cooked over a low fire until the sticky rice has swelled and softened. Fresh ginger extract is added to taste along with some finely sliced ginger. Typically brown in color, Bà cốt compote is served hot with steamed sticky rice.
Grilled banana and glutinous rice

  A winter treat few can resist is grilled banana and glutinous rice. Steamed sticky rice is mixed with coconut juice and sugar, warmed, spread thinly and rolled around pieces of banana. These banana pieces are wrapped in banana leaves and grilled over charcoal for 20 to 25 minutes until the outer layer of sticky rice turns yellow and crunchy and the banana inside softens. After cutting the bananas into smaller pieces, the cook adds coconut milk, grated copra and ground roasted peanuts. The mix of glutinous rice, sweet banana and buttery coconut milk adds up to an unforgettable snack.
Purple Yam compote

  Purple yam compote adds freshness to our winter with ingredients that include germinated brown rice left to sprout from brown hulled rice. The dish has a thick, chewy texture and is highly nutritious. The sprouted rice, water and brown sugar are boiled until the rice softens. The cook adds chunks of purple yam and cooks the mix over low heat until the pudding reduces. This sweet treat is served hot with coconut milk and grated copra to enrich its rich, buttery flavor.

Story: Cam Ly
Photos: Ngon Studio

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