Bac Ha Market

02/12/2019 10:46

Bac Ha district, 65km from Lao Cai city, is home to a well-known Sunday market.  Many ethnic minority people gather there to trade, forming a colorful cultural mosaic.

People from different ethnic communities flock to the market every Sunday, bringing regional products like clothes, fabric, vegetables, herbs, household items, and livestock. Visitors should not miss traditional specialties like thang co (a special dish of the Mong people cooked from horse meat), corn wine, and five-color sticky rice. The market is divided into different trading sections, offering a diverse range of products from livestock to groceries, brocade, wool, jewelry, and food. Seen from high above, Bac Ha Market bursts with the wonderful colors of men and women dressed in traditional outfits, plus displays of brocade, and delectable dishes.

On cold windy days, visitors will appreciate a warming bowl of thang co with a cup of corn wine. Long after the market is over, memories of the delicious food, colorful brocade clothes, and locals’ hospitality will linger in visitors' minds.

Story: Nguyet Anh

Photos: Thanh The Vinh

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