Clouds of white

04/12/2019 14:36

Discover the ethereal beauty of Moc Chau when the plum trees are in bloom

                                                                                                                                            The road to the village

Year round, the hills and mountains of Moc Chau are beautiful, like muses wandering through thick forests and lush gardens. Spring brings freshness while pushing away the bitter cold of winter. Moc Chau bursts into clouds of white thanks to countless dangling plum blossoms.

On the green plateau of Moc Chau, blooming plum trees are an annual sight. Yet each time spring rolls around, these flowers invite visitors to come and immerse themselves in nature and the beauty of these flowers. 

The plum flower season only lasts for about two weeks, usually from the end of January to early February, while the first warmth of the spring sun touches the plateau. To enjoy the poetic beauty of white plum blossoms glistening in the spring mist, plan your trip now. 

Ba Ngoc, Ngo Huy Hoa

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