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04/12/2018 16:34

The “Heritage Photographic  Contest – Journey of Heritages 2018” Exhibition was held in Hanoi from October 25 to 31, 2018. This exhibition wrapped up Heritage's 2018 photographic contest

2018 was the sixth year in a row that Heritage magazine hosted the “Heritage Photographic Contest – Journey of Heritages 2018”, an exclusive contest for photojournalists nationwide. The 2018 Journey of Heritages featured new rules, extra prizes, and more field trips, both in Vietnam and abroad.

The number of entries received in all rounds in 2018 spoke of the professional attention garnered by this contest: 194 entries in the Photo Album category (equivalent to 2,900 single photos) and 532 entries in the Cover Photo category. It's worth noting that along with professional photographers who are members of the Vietnam Association of Photographic Artists, and photojournalists employed by major media agencies, the contest is drawing growing numbers of freelancers who are actively involved in both the domestic and international photographic landscape. This has led to innovative new perspectives.

  The final exhibition displayed the 9 reportage albums and 10 cover photos that won the Final Round prizes. The exhibition also introduced 30 entries taken on three photo tours in 2018. As part of the annual Heritage Photographic Contest, this year's photo tours were successfully hosted in coordination with our sponsor Ford Vietnam. This was the third year that Heritage and Ford Vietnam joined forces to hold these photo tours. The three photo tours undertaken in 2018 included trips to Southern Laos (April 2018) and two photo tours co-hosted with Ford: to Pu Luong (June 2018) and to Vietnam's Southwest (October 2018).

Participating guests were photographers and close collaborators of Heritage over the years. Guest photographers had a week to totally concentrate on their work. The Organizing Board provided them with accommodation, catering, air tickets, and transport via Ford minivans and specialist all-terrain cars that were perfect for these tours. The tours coincided with special occasions, such as the Songkran Festival (Southern Laos), the rice harvest (Pu Luong) and the Seven Mountains bull race (Southwest Vietnam) to enable guest photographers to produce their most valuable and substantive works.

  The next contest will officially be launched in early 2019 along with photo tours in Vietnam and abroad.

Special Prize in the Photo Album category: “Wa-Ha Festival” by photographer Hoang Thach Van.

This album was admired for its theme and its unique lens angles that fully depicted a traditional religious ritual of the Cham Ba Ni community in the South Central region. Artist Hoang Thach Van has been a member of the Vietnam Association of Photographic Artists since 1997. He is currently on the Executive Board of the Vietnam Association of Photographic Artists and Standing Vice President of the Ho Chi Minh City Photographic Society.

  Special Prize in the Cover Photo category: “The scents of Tet” by photographer Le Viet Khanh.

Le Viet Khanh's entry was chosen for its meaning, content and impeccable layout. After six consecutive years of entering this contest, this was the first time Mr. Khanh took the top honor.

Special and First Prize rewards include return international and domestic air tickets in Vietnam Airlines' flight network and Leica camera sets. This year's contest also offered an Encouragement Prize for photographers who are staff members of Vietnam Airlines and a Prize selected by our sponsor Leica Vietnam. This was the first year that the photographic contest was coordinated with a professional camera brand.

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