On December 17, 2017 in Hanoi, Vietnam Airlines, its subsidiary - the Vietnam Airlines Engineering Co., Ltd. (VAECO) and the University of Science and Technologies of Hanoi (USTH) signed a cooperation agreement to launch a Bachelor Program in Aeronautics and a Master Program in International Air Transport Operations Management in January 2018.

Professor Patrick Boiron – Rector of USTH (left) , Mr. Duong Tri Thanh – President and CEO of Vietnam Airlines (center) and Mr. Mai Tuan Anh, CEO of VAECO (right) exchange the cooperation agreement.

    With the participation of lecturers from Europe, the Bachelor Program in Aeronautics will train aircraft maintenance engineers. Graduates will receive a basic B1/B2 aircraft maintenance certificate from the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam. The Master Program in International Air Transport Operations Management will train highly skilled experts with in-depth professional skills and management know-how in the aviation field.
  According to this cooperation agreement, USTH will coordinate with Vietnam Airlines to promote and recruit students for the program. USTH will manage the lecturers, infrastructure and operational activities to ensure the training is carried out on a continual and efficient manner. Vietnam Airlines is committed to recruiting 30 graduates a year from the Bachelor Program to work for the carrier or VAECO between 2018-2022. Vietnam Airlines will also send suitable employees to the Master Program. This cooperation will help Vietnam to become a leading regional hub in aircraft maintenance.

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