Vietnam Airlines and Petro Vietnam Group (PVN) have officially signed a cooperation agreement to optimize their resources and competitive advantages for their mutual development. Accordingly, PVN will supply fuel and oil for Vietnam Airlines' aircraft and other means of transport. Vietnam Airlines will supply air tickets and other services for PVN. Both sides set these cooperation goals to aid their mutual development and to support national interests, energy security and flight safety.

Mr. Do Chi Thanh – Vice President of PVN (left) and and Mr. Trinh Ngoc Thanh – Executive Vice President of Vietnam Airlines (right) exchange the cooperation agreement

  Mr. Trinh Ngoc Thanh, Executive Vice President of Vietnam Airlines, said: “This agreement marks a new stride that further demonstrates the cooperative ties for mutual development of both sides, which have joined forces to enhance the competitiveness of major businesses in Vietnam. Vietnam Airlines is committed to tirelessly improving its service quality, extending its network and making other efforts to meet the demands of the staff members of PVN in particular and passengers in general, who put their trust in our services."
  Starting with an agreement signed in May 2007, Vietnam Airlines and PVN have cooperated effectively in areas like aircraft fuel supply, airway transport services, airway financial and insurance services and other branding activities. Their cooperation has contributed to the stable and sustainable development of both parties and played a key role in Vietnam's economy.

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