Implementing Directive No. 4721/CT-CHK dated 28 October 2019 of the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam, Vietnam Airlines will enforce a ban on transporting Lithium batteries and electronic devices using Lithium batteries which might affect flight safety on all flights starting from 15 November 2019.

Specifically, Vietnam Airlines prohibits carrying on board any form of:

- Damaged lithium batteries or those being recalled by the manufacturer

- Electronic devices using damaged Lithium batteries

Electronic devices using non-damaged Lithium batteries but being recalled are only allowed as carry-on luggage and must be turned off. These products are prohibited as checked baggage. Electronic devices using damaged Lithium batteries or on the recall list are not prohibited from transportation only if they have their batteries replaced by the manufacturer and have been removed from the recall list.

The airline recommends passengers to acknowledge and comply with the above regulations to ensure flight safety. Electronic devices that use Lithium batteries on the recall list carried on board must be powered off before boarding and during the entire duration of the flight. Passengers should immediately notify flight attendants when detecting any equipment showing signs of malfunction, heat, smoke generation, or when losing sight of their equipment or having it fall between the aircraft seat.

Vietnam Airlines has cooperated with related parties to develop security procedure and questions for passengers while checking in to ensure the full implementation of these regulations. Passengers who intentionally violate the regulations may be denied boarding and fined accordingly.

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